Episode XXXIII: In This Crazy World

Explicit Episode XXXIII: In This Crazy World

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On this episode we return and discuss the Amber Guyger case, her 10 year sentence for murdering Botham Jean, the hugs after the verdict and sentencing. Also Kylie out here looking for a new Black King and Eddie Murphy apologizes for some of his"Raw" stand-up material from 30 years ago.
We also featured the Chief Keef inspired "Bang Or Nah" featuring selections Cali Hendrix ft Mika Luciano & Lil Keisha "Racks", PeeweePlugga ft Flex - Untouchables, Rioo Cheeny - War and in conclusion we wrap it ... See More


  1. 00:46
    In the News
  2. 01:30
    Amber Guyger trial for Botham Jean murder
  3. 05:42
    Kylie looking for a black man
  4. 07:21
    Eddie Murphy apologizing for "Raw" jokes
  5. 12:02
    Cali Hendrix ft Mika Luciano and Lil Keisha - Racks (Bang or Nah)
  6. 17:47
    PeeWee ft Flex - Untouchables
  7. 21:33
    Rioo Cheeny - War
  8. 24:04
    4 Useless Facts


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